by Luka Prinčič

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released May 6, 2021

Written by Luka Prinčič

Samples from:
Pe4enkata - This Is My Game
Pe4enkata - Got diggity (loopstation cover)
Trio Mandili - Shkmeris mta (Shkmeris mountain)
Cover image by Pawel Czerwinski

Release source code (SuperCollider & samples):

Some Rights Reserved: distribution and reuse allowed under the conditions of PP-BY-SA-NC (Peer Production Attribution ShareAlike NonCapitalist) Licence -

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Luka Prinčič Ljubljana, Slovenia

Noise, bass, beats and space. Luka Prinčič (ex Nova deViator) is an electronic musician, noise & media artist, engineer and dj traversing creative territories from deviant funk to sonic and time-based arts experiments.

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